Our research focuses on molecular nanostructures and two-dimensional materials on surfaces using high-resolution scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy. We study and control single-molecule processes, self-assembly of supramolecular structures and on-surface synthesis of novel carbon-basel materials. In the following, some of the past and ongoing research projects are summarized:

On-surface synthesis of molecular nanostructures

 figure final. small
STM measurement of a 2D triphenylamine polymer on Au(111)


Potential precursor for the on-surface synthesis of graphyne [CHEM2016]

Single-molecule processes and self-assembly of molecular nanostructures

NC-AFM measurment of self-assembled porphyrin molecules on KBr(001)
[SMALL 2008]
STM measurement of triphenylamine on Au(111)
[JPCC 2015]
STM measurement of cis-oligodiacetylenes on HOPG

Graphene: Growth and functionalization

We investigate the structure and functionalization of graphene at the atomic level using scanning probe microscopy. This includes studies on epitaxial graphene grown on metals and SiC(0001). Through controlled functionalization we can manipulate the physical and chemical properties of graphene and study the interaction of molecules and metal clusters with graphene.This project is part of the SFB 953.

LT-STM measurment of graphene growth on Ru(0001)
[PRB 2009]

AFM measurement in ambient condition of a free-standing graphene membrane on SiC(0001)
[ACS NANO 2013]

STM image of Pd clusters on graphene/Rh(111)
[JPCC 2014]

Water wetting on surfaces

LT-STM measurements of water adsorption [PRB 2012], water dissociation [PRL 2014] and ice formation [JACS2016] on Ru(0001)