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Graphitization of polymer surfaces

We can convert any polymer surface into a conducting state.
      This is done by graphitization using low-energy ion bombardement.

Fig.1: Free-standing films of graphitized PMMA [2].
The graphitized surfaces with the highest conductance even show semi-metallic behavior.

Fig.2: Room temperature sheet conductance of irradiated polymers vs. the universal variable C=Tirr+0.22 Eion [7].

Fig.3: Conductance vs. temperature of graphitized polyimide. The numbers correspond to the ones on the left side. [7].

Fig.4: Scanning tunneling microscopy of graphitized polyimide with single-atom resolution [4].
[4] I. Lazareva, Y. Koval, M. Alam, S. Strömsdörfer, and P. Müller, Graphitization of polymer surfaces by low-energy ion irradiation, Appl. Phys. Lett. 90 (2007) 262108.

Contact: Yuri Koval

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